My videos on motivation are coming soon so I hope you will stay tuned. 
From the time you get up in the morning to when you eat lunch and in the evening hours after you eat supper. I want to show you how I stay motivated!
Don't you just love free stuff!!!

I have proven in my own life that healthy eating, awesome diet supplements and exercising are the key factors in just about anything I do!
 What keeps me motivated and in my daily routine you may ask?  
For starters I read a lot of motivational stories in books and online. One of my mentors, Joe Seeber is one of great insight on self motivation and what he does works!  I urge you to go read his blog. He really is a great guy and very helpful! 
Let Me Know
I will be starting a video series for free on motivation and I would like anyone and everyone to come and comment. Give me your ideas of what you would like to hear. Also sign up for my news letter. Don't miss out on what I have in mind on how to make a living online and prosper like you've not believed you could!

Another Key To My Success
As I talk about on my Empower Network blog that  my hobby is my escape and what I love doing most in this world! I bash and race the big scale remote control trucks and buggies. To me there is nothing like them! Maybe you have a hobby that you find you want to escape to? Life throws us curve a ball sometimes and I know it may be hard to escape the stresses and hardships, but we don't have to let them keep us down. We all can reach deep down inside of our inner selves and resurrect that special place, maybe as child, or the times we had the most fun and bring it to life again. I find writing about my hobby and experiences help people. People love to hear stories and are out there, ready, to see what we have to say. It's a great escape. 

You don't have to be a great writer to publish your story
Remember the published newspaper is written at a 4th grade level. No fancy stuff needed. Just your story, your hobby and the things you love the most in life. If you don't know how to set up a web page or blog there are all kinds of platforms out there to use. The cheapest I have found is on Empower Network, It's all set up to use when you join, even with an "easy mode"  I have left a link above on the "set up a web page or blog" link. Or you can click the " Get Started For only $25" picture on the side of this blog.  I have delved in, let's say wordpress, for quite some time and thats just one resource to get up and running to tell your story right away. I have no problems helping anyone that wants to get started. Just message me and I will help. 

Don't Let The Worries Of Life Get In The Way
 Have you noticed how life seems to always get in the way at pretty much the exact moment you decide to do something?  I’m not sure why it happens, but if you let it frustrate you, you’ll never get what you want. Sometimes other folks get in your way, sometimes it’s Mother Nature, and sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything.  Yes, the more focused and disciplined you are, the better you will do, but you will have setbacks. 
The trick to designing your life your way, is to get into the mindset that you will always be making “Continuous Daily Progress”.  Always!  No matter how big or small.  No matter what gets in your way.  You will always ask, “What CAN I do”, and move… at least a little… in the direction you desire.

How to make money blogging
Just a great book! An insightful and provocative meditation on how people can become more genuinely engaged and succesful in pursuing their goals


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